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After normcore, what's next? Click through for 11 possible successors to the "hardcore normal" style movement, from a twist on pajama dressing to a sartorial salute to Lord of the Rings.
What Is It?: All collegiate loungewear, all the time—who could resist that kind of 'round-the-clock comfort?!
The Essentials: Sweatpants (preferably those from Victoria's Secret PINK, Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister), oversized college sweatshirts, UGGS, flip-flops
What Is It?: Knits on knits on knits—and bonus points if you made some of them yourself!
The Essentials:
Ridiculously chunky scarves, fisherman sweaters, beanies, crocheted bikinis—and, of course, your own knitting needles and yarn
What Is It?: Extreme pajama dressing—yes, it's already enjoyed a healthy moment in the spotlight, but couldn't you use even more silk and satin separates in your life?
The Essentials:
PJ-style pantsuits (and short suits!), smoking slippers, robe coats, the odd eye mask if you're daring
What Is It?: "She could be a farmer in those clothes!"
The Essentials:
Old McDonald-approved overalls, broad-brimmed hats, flannel shirts, wellie boots, railroad-striped anything
What Is It?: I mean, who hasn't wanted to dress up like a character from High School Musical at one point or another?
The Essentials:
Cupcake dresses, strappy stilettos, body glitter, self-tanner, clutches too small to carry anything useful, tiaras
What Is It?: The most over-the-top mishmash of current, past and never-really-existed fashion and beauty trends possible, all worn simultaneously with a fair amount of skin showing. Sorry, everybody else's eyeballs!
The Essentials:
Clashing prints, vision-impeding embellished sunglasses, skyscraper platforms, bondage-style boots, leotards, never-seen-in-nature hair color. Still stumped? Before attempting the look, ask yourself WWLGW: What Would Lady Gaga Wear?

What Is It?: The next step in the evolution of granny chic

The Essentials: Oversized cardigans, ankle-length skirts that are somehow neither midi nor maxi, pearls, cat-eye reading glasses (secured with a glasses chain, of course), wallpaper florals, orthopedic sneakers

What Is It?: Unapologetic animal print overload
The Essentials:
Outerwear, separates and accessories patterned with any of the following: leopard spots, zebra stripes, giraffe print, snakeskin, croc. Fur also encouraged. Mix freely and frequently.
What Is It?: Style cues borrowed from the Bible—and the B.C. era in general
The Essentials:
Twisted rope sandals, neutral-hued robes. Staff and beard entirely optional.

Note: Lordcore should not be mistaken for Lordecore, or the art of adopting teenage music sensation Lorde's dark purple lipstick, sideswept curls and layers of black.
What Is It?: Finally, a legitimate excuse to wear your favorite Lululemon/Sweaty Betty/fill-in-the-blank-fancy-brand workout apparel all day, every day. Spinning enthusiasts, this one's also for you.
The Essentials:
Colorful knit sneakers, yoga pants, slouchy off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, ponytail, activity-tracking wristband of your choice

What Is It?: One trend to rule them all.

The Essentials: hobbit feet, shabby capes and pants worthy of the Shire, a single gold ring