Could You Go Without Shoes For An Entire Day?


Courtesy of TOMS

Ask anyone at Lucky HQ, and you'll find that for most of us, our favorite accessory is neither a buttery leather handbag nor a glittering statement necklace. Shoes of all makes and models, rather, win us over time and time again. The idea of going without them for a whole day is just as fashionably painful as it is socially questionable.

But if it's for a good cause, that's a whole other story. Since 2007, TOMS Shoes has hosted an annual "One Day Without Shoes" event in which participants, well, go without shoes for an entire day—all to raise awareness for the health and education of impoverished children across the world.

TOMS' annual "One Day Without Shoes" takes place today, and should you choose to kick off those heels, you won't be alone; last year, more than 1,000 events took place across 50 countries worldwide.

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