25 Unique Suitcases Sure To Stand Out At The Airport

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Don't run the risk of getting your luggage mixed up with someone else's at baggage claim; click through to shop 25 unique suitcases now!

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I've got some of the worst travel luck on the planet. No matter how early I depart and how detailed an itinerary I have, something always seems to go wrong. And trust me—there are a lot of things that can go wrong: delayed (or cancelled!) flights, inclement weather, turbulence, crying babies and so on. But the absolute worst possible travel nightmare? Lost luggage. Think about it: you've just spent hours cooped up in a tiny airplane seat, most likely next to a snorer or an armrest hog. You're probably tired and achy, maybe jet-lagged—and definitely cranky, as you make your way off the plane and over to baggage claim. As you watch the conveyer belt begin to move, black suitcase after black suitcase slides by until you spot yours—oh no, wait, yours has a weird scratch on the side and this one doesn't. Before long, all of the luggage has been unloaded from the plane, and yours is nowhere to be found.

While it's impossible to completely avoid the dreaded fate of lost luggage, there are some precautions a traveler can take. Luggage tags help, yes, but the best solution is to have a unique bag. In preparation for the impending spring and summer travel seasons, I've hunted down some of the most unique and interesting luggage on the market. Click through to shop 25 out-of-the-box bags and suitcases now!

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