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Now entering the fourth decade of her life, Victoria Beckham has got her signature style down to a science. Click through to see how she did it (and how you can, too!).
1. Know what works best for your body.
Uniform dressing isn't so about much wearing the very same thing every day as it is about ruling out styles that aren't right for your frame. Basically, you want to eliminate everything but the most flattering pieces; then, you use those to create a few foolproof formulas. For Victoria, that means sticking with outfit combinations that elongate her lower half: by playing up her insanely long, lean legs, her modest height of 5'4 always seems more like a model-esque six feet.
2. Have fun with your hair.
The beauty of having a distinct, instantly recognizable style is that a dramatic hair transformation won't cause an identity crisis. Although V-Becks has dabbled in all manner of bobs, pixies and long, back-skimming blowouts, her steadfast dedication to sheath dresses, miniskirts and high—so, so high!—heels helped her own each new cut and color. Remember, if wear what you feel most comfortable in, you'll always look like yourself!
3. Always pick the perfect goes-with-everything pair of shoes over temptingly trendy ones.
While Posh undoubtedly has a shoe closet bigger than most of our teensy New York apartments, she's pretty strict about what goes in it. Rather than indulge in every It shoe she sees, the designer stocks up on two styles that work with everything she owns: single-sole stilettos and menswear-inspired flats.
4. When something works, buy it in multiple colors.
As our editors will attest, there's no shame in wearing the same piece over and over again if it makes you look and feel amazing. What's more, having a few colors to choose from opens up your outfit options; whereas one shade might not work with a certain bag and shoe, another probably will.
5. Always evolve.
Having a signature look can easily shift from chic to stale if you refuse to consider what's happening in fashion. Instead of blindly following what you see on the runway, though, try to update your favorite shapes and silhouettes each season.
6. Balance trendy pieces with your style signatures.
The key to trying something new without compromising the look you've worked so hard to hone is mixing it with things that are completely and unequivocally you. For instance, while gaucho pants sound like the least Victoria Beckham thing ever, she totally pulled off a pair at her Spring/Summer 2014 show by mixing them with a tailored white blouse and her signature black pumps.
7. Try different variations of the same formula.
Once you've found a combination that works—like V-Becks' favorite sheath/waist belt/over-the-knee boot pairing—take full advantage of it! You put the work into perfecting the look, so why not squeeze out every possible outfit?