Seven Things Victoria Beckham Taught Us About Uniform Dressing

1. Know what works best for your body.

Uniform dressing isn't so about much wearing the very same thing every day as it is about ruling out styles that aren't right for your frame. Basically, you want to eliminate everything but the most flattering pieces; then, you use those to create a few foolproof formulas. For Victoria, that means sticking with outfit combinations that elongate her lower half: by playing up her insanely long, lean legs, her modest height of 5'4 always seems more like a model-esque six feet.

FilmMagic (left and right), ChinaFotoPress (center)

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Associate Digital Editor

Somewhere out there in Victoria Beckham Land, the designer could very well be commemorating her 40th birthday at a swanky restaurant as we speak. Or maybe she's celebrating at home, enjoying some quality time with her ab-tastic hubbie and abnormally beautiful children? Unfortunately, we can't say for sure what V-Becks is doing for her big 4-0, but we're willing to guess this much: she's probably doing it in some precariously high stilettos. We wouldn't rule out the possibly of a fitted sheath dress, either.

That's because if there's one thing about Mrs. David Beckham's life that isn't an enigma, it's her personal style. Posh has got the uniform dressing thing down to an art; not only has she built an entire public persona around what she wears, but she's also looked amazing every step of the way. Fortunately, the formula for her iconic look is not limited to fashion world royalty, nor is it hard to follow. We've broken it down to seven simple steps—click through the slideshow above to get started now.

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