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"Festival style" needn't be an oxymoron. Click through to learn how to dress for Coachella without looking like a crazy person!

Instead of: Shredded-to-the-max, indecently short denim cutoffs and major bracelet stacks

Why not try: High-waisted shorts in a fun color, plus pretty ring stacks

Instead of: A printed maxi dress (dragging hems + dusty ground = dry cleaning disaster)
Why not try: An equally bold cutout mini (hello, built-in ventilation!)
Instead of: A floral crown and fringe-trimmed everything (vest, boots, jacket—make it stop!)
Why not try:
A floral crop-top-and-skirt combo (and matching necklace!), plus one well-placed fringed accessory (bags are always a good choice)
Instead of: A feather headdress (just…no.) and battered high tops
Why not try: A statement snapback and of-the-moment Tevas
Instead of: Face paint and neon everything
Why not try: Painterly prints and pastel extras