How To Dress For Coachella Without Looking Like A Crazy Person

Instead of: Shredded-to-the-max, indecently short denim cutoffs and major bracelet stacks

Why not try: High-waisted shorts in a fun color, plus pretty ring stacks

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Senior Digital Editor

I like to consider myself somewhat of a seasoned Coachella-goer. In just a little under two weeks, I'll be attending the sun-soaked California music and arts festival for the fourth time—and since my first Indio experience in 2010, the three-day event has transformed from an outdoor concert series coincidentally attended by a handful of celebrities into a heavily photographed street style spectacular. Ironically, however, as the fashion set's become more and more involved with Coachella, some pretty unfortunate trends have become inextricably linked with the festival—and seemingly refuse be left in the Indio dust where they belong. Flower crowns and face paint, anyone?

But "festival style" needn't be an oxymoron! Above, I've singled out a handful of common Coachella trends—from feather headdresses to cutoffs so shredded and short, they're basically denim underwear—and suggested some stylish swap-ins for each. Click through to learn how to dress for Coachella without looking like a crazy person!

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