When Should You Really Stop Wearing Tights?

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The month of April begs the question: tights or no tights? With this month's weather being the most fickle of them all, you never quite know what weather you may face when you step out the door. If the temperature in the morning is a brisk 45 degrees but the high later on is 65, for instance, are you allowed to leave the house bare-legged?

Furthermore, when is it kosher to stop wearing tights in the workplace? Lucky for us (pun intended), editor in chief Eva Chen hates wearing tights, so we Lucky staffers pretty much have a green light to ditch our hosiery whenever we please. But in a more formal environment, it can be nerve-wracking to be the solo fashion pioneer going tights-less when spring first hits.

Here's a fairly foolproof formula for knowing when to stow those tights in the spring:

  • If the day's temperature high is somewhere in the 60-degree range, by all means, lose the tights.
  • If the temperature will be in the mid-to-high 50s and sunny, no tights. Just throw on a trench for the cooler morning commute.
  • However, if it's in the 50s and rainy/cloudy/windy, tights are recommended.
  • If it's 70 degrees or above—no matter what the expected precipitation—you should certainly go tights-free!

Says our senior digital editor Elana Fishman, "Since I hate wearing pants and stick solely to skirts and dresses for both work and weekend, I wear opaque black tights literally every single day, all fall and winter long. Come spring, it can be really hard to ditch them; by that point, I've gotten so used to my tights that I've basically forgotten what my legs look like underneath! But generally speaking, I stick to the Rule of 60: If it's 60 degrees or above, it's officially OK to go bare-legged."

Another idea for those hesitant to pack up their legwear? Do as Lucky creative director Katia Kuethe does and ease into the bare-legged look with socks: "I do a The 40-Year Old Virgin look very well, where I wear a thick, ribbed over-the-knee sock instead. This look is perfect with a penny loafer or a low patent leather kitten heel." After seeing socks with sandals all over the Spring 2014 runways (and street style stars!), the idea of knee socks on unpredictable weather days is a clever way to stay warm without relying on tights.

Another thing to keep in mind? Being a so-called "fashion pioneer" isn't a bad thing! If you end up not wearing tights when everyone else is, just think—they're probably pretty envious. In my opinion, the sooner I can stop wearing tights, the better (hence my own decision to go bare-legged today). Not ready for exposed legs but bored of basic black opaques? Try a colorful or a patterned tight for a change. Either way, it's time to embrace spring in all its fickle-weather glory!

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