Why The White T-Shirt Is Your Ticket To Instant Model-Off-Duty Cool

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Being on trend has never felt easier—click through to shop 32 white tees that'll do your inner off-duty-model proud.
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Digital Fashion News Writer

If there's one spring trend we truly can't stop waxing poetic about, it's the overwhelmingly joyous fact that comfort is "in." For what feels like the first time ever, it's now more stylish to hoard Birkenstocks in multiple shades than it is to slip into skeleton-pinching pumps—and one group of individuals in particular is leading the pack in the dressed-down style revolution.

While running between go-sees or relaxing after a shoot, models are known for being spotted on the streets in easy, comfortable looks. The t-shirt is a staple frequently spotted on the backs of supes like Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne and Liu Wen, and can be seen in many a street style shot throughout fashion month. And honey, these aren't your grandmother's white tees.

Because we all could stand to have a little more supermodel chic in our wardrobes, click through the above slideshow to see 32 examples of white tees you can wear with, well, just about anything. The world is your oyster—you just need a t-shirt to fill it.

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