From Cher Horowitz To Mia Wallace: The 25 Most Stylish Movie Icons of the '90s

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Fuzzy crop tops, pleated plaid minis and overalls are just a few of our favorite '90s looks. Click through to shop the closets of your favorite '90s movie icons now!
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When Pulp Fiction's Mia Wallace climbed on stage, kicked off her shoes and did the twist with Vincent Vega at Jack Rabbit Slims, she redefined a look. Saint Laurent may have invented le smoking, but her white button-down (with cufflinks!) and black slacks look instantly became iconic. Somehow, the too-long shirt and cropped trousers looked feminine, effortless and enviable.

It's style moments like these that make '90s movies style continue to resonate on the runways 20 years later. Erdem sent out goth looks à la The Craft for Fall 2014, and crop tops and Dr. Martens are constantly getting snapped by street style photographers on bloggers and off-duty models alike.

I've already covered our favorite '90s style stars from the small screen and the music world, so let's take a look back at all the best movie style icons of the decade. Ranking these iconic characters would be impossible, so all are arranged in order of their movie's premiere date. Click through to shop the closets of your favorite '90s movie icons!

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