EXCLUSIVE: Get A First Look At Ashish x Topshop's New Collection With This Racy Campaign Video

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Click through to see the full lookbook for its Ashish's racy Spring 2014 Topshop collaboration.

Courtesy of Topshop

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As the go-to designer for stars like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora, London-based brand Ashish has garnered a certain reputation for all things sequined, snarky and slogan-embellished. As such, his Spring 2014 collection was inspired by a "glamorous walk of shame," featuring a range of backpacks, hoodies, witty graphic tees and those LED sneakers for which Perry has already professed love on Instagram. And now we've got your first look at Ashish's summer collaboration with Topshop—and it's a high-street collection that has Cara Delevingne's name all over it, especially because its lookbook features Delevingne's model BFF, Mary Charteris. The range's pièce de résistance? An oversized t-shirt emblazoned with the following slogan: "Hi my name is…My room number is…".

While the racy line won't hit stores until next Thursday, May 29, we got our hands on the campaign's preview video, exclusively for Lucky. Watch the luxuriously fun video below, and click through above to see all the lookbook shots above.

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