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In honor of the Namibian model's 25th birthday today, click through to see Behati Prinsloo's seven most show-stopping Victoria's Secret runway looks.
From the black and gold wings to the military-style jacket, this look is truly representative of the theme, British Invasion.

The best part about being an Angel? The wings! Behati got to wear this massive pair at last year's show.

Bonus: Taylor Swift rocked a silver mini on the runway behind Behati!

There's so much detail in this look: the white wings accented by gold flowers, embellished gloves and a statement necklace and earring combo. Looks like Behati isn't afraid to accessorize.
Behati, along with fellow VS face Lily Aldridge, was truly an "Angel in Bloom" in this green getup, complete with heels with vine detailing.
Behati shows off her biceps in this Super Angel costume.
Sporty Behati looks like a soccer star in this criss-cross outfit.
In her first runway show as an Angel in 2009, Behati blows a kiss while wearing multicolored wings.