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Click through to shop 40 of our favorite vintage sellers on Etsy!
From sequins to floral dresses, The Rabbit Hole has a a little of everything.
Exile Vintage may be one of the largest collection of vintage finds on Etsy.
As the name states, Disco Leaf Vintage has strong roots in all things '60s and '70s. But don't fret, you'll still find some pieces from beyond the bellbottom era.
A treasure trove of timeless vintage pieces for the modern girl, Storey Threads has tons of options with new pieces added almost daily.
Stutterin Mama's cupcake colored vintage picks are incredibly stylish and sure to put a smile on your face.
Curated and reconstructed, Persephone Vintage takes a unique approach to making the old new again.
For all your lady-like options, make sure to check out Gogo Vintage.
Super girly but with that perfect vintage touch, The Kissing Tree has all the sequins and baby doll dresses you could dream of.
The rare, top-shelf items sold by Tin Roof Vintage make a particularly sparkly diamond in the rough.
Rax Clothing offers tons of vintage pieces in fun, flirty colors and prints!
Vera Vague's got a vintage piece for every one and every style.
In Concetta's Closet, you'll find truly classic vintage pieces, including one-piece bathing suits and perfect summer picnic dresses.
Pom Pom Vintage has some of the most stunningly neon vintage pieces we've found online.
Between the beautiful clothes and fun images, A Ruby Rosebud's shop will take you to a much more magical world. And forewarning, you'll want to buy everything.
For a great mix of prices and styles, check out Bombyx Vintage.
Bless That Dress specializes in vintage items made in Spain in the 1940's through 1990's.
Make sure to head over to Dear Golden and get a summer sundress or two before they're gone. Also, this vintage wedding dress is perfect!
Catering to the "distinguished eccentric," Ginny & Harriot has a shop full of fun but totally wearable, vintage pieces for women.
From 1940's styles to designer pieces, Recollect Vintage has a huge selection that you need to start shopping—now!
Feeling blue and need a shopping retreat? Beige Vintage Co. will cheer you right up with colorful, printed clothes and shoes!
At Artifact Vintage, all your vintage jewelry dreams will come true. Whether you're in the market for a new sparkler or not, check them out now.
he California based shop, Black Sheep isn't just available online, you can also check them out at Urban Outfitter's SPACE 15 TWENTY in LA!
Not only do we love all of Kamomeya's clothes, but we really want to start wearing hats now!
The Japanese vintage dresses, shoes and accessories at Standard Vintage are so good you don't want to miss out on a single one!
Seeking a vintage bridal gown? Search no more! Salvato Collection has an extensive collection of vintage and antique gowns, accessories and jewels.
The Vintage Studio sticks to the 1940s through 1960s, with plenty of Lucille Ball-style charm to boot.
Majean Vintage has drool worthy vintage jewels. Shop them all now!
From fashion to home decor, Krissy Kat Vintage sorts all their pieces by color. Not only does it make for a stunning shop, it's also insanely helpful!
This Arkansas shop has the sweet southern charm to go along with its focus on natural fabrics and eco-conscious views. Make sure to shop Ruby Chic Boutique for one-of-a-kind pieces that you'll cherish.
At Allen Company, you'll find vintage pieces with crisp, clean lines that will become a wardrobe staple.
Wooz Wass offers a mix of Japanese and Korean vintage pieces that you won't find anywhere else.
From engagement rings to brooches, Franziska Vintage has a beautiful collection.
If you're looking for a great vintage and ultra-feminine dress, don't skimp on the details! Check out Swoon Shop Vintage for unbelievable dresses that are the whole package.
The Kentucky Derby may be over, but that doesn't mean it's time to stop wearing hats! At Poppycock Vintage, you're sure to find a hat that suits you.
The vintage clothes at DOTTO are great, but if that wasn't enough, 10% of each sale goes to help support human rights campaigns, children internationally, kiva and global giving. And certain select items (labeled "disaster relief") give 50% of the sale to various disaster reliefs. What are you waiting for?
1919 Vintage is a super fun shop that you should start shopping right away. I mean, how cute is this coat?
At Love Obsessed each find is totally unique. Using vintage jewelry, they hand paint them to give them an updated vibe.
Stop by Love That Lingers for vintage clothing and home decor.
The prints at Wear Space sweep us off our feet.
We already steal from the boys, why not do the same with vintage? Big Brother Vintage has a great men's collection to choose from!