Everyone—I Mean Everyone—Wants This Explosion-Of-Happiness Dress

Executive Beauty Director

I emergency-borrowed this dress from the fashion department for a benefit to fight blood cancer last night, and it electrified all Lucky operatives as well as many swan-gowned benefit-goers. Wearing it, I felt like a combination of a Christmas present, a Hello Kitty cellphone accessory, and a Great-Gatsby-but-now bon vivant. And it's from…wait for it…ASOS, and it costs $190.

At the benefit, I cried and cried: The difference between a cure and death, for many blood cancer (leukemia, etc.) patients is a bone marrow transplant, and many die because they can't find a genetic match to donate. DKMS has a giant database of potential donor/life-savers; all you do is swab the inside of your cheek to join the database, and they call you if you ever match up. It takes a day in the hospital to donate—and you literally SAVE. A PERSON'S. LIFE.

Watching a 12-year-old former cancer patient and his mother, father and sister all meet the man who saved his life, you can't not cry, and you definitely can't not sign up immediately. Sign up! If you're truly lucky, you'll hit the jackpot and get to save someone:


Organza Sequin Oversize Dress, $190.54, ASOS Salon, asos.com

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