Dear Lucky: 'What are the most flattering spring trends for people who are short and curvy but not plus-size?'

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Q: What are the most flattering spring trends for people who are short and curvy but not plus-size?

A: Dear @the_fabulous_layla, I called up the brilliant and petite L.A. blogger Wendy Nguyen (find her and her many fabulous outfits on, who said to focus on basics, not trends. “Petites really have a challenge,” she explained. “I’m five feet tall, and I think the key to a workable, buildable wardrobe is classics that really, truly fit. You need a great tailor.” That said, Nguyen is loving the ladylike look for spring—in particular, flared or pencil skirts. “The key is, either style should fit closely at the smallest part of the waist, or even an inch higher,” she said. “Embrace high-waisted: It makes curvy/petite proportions work. Especially with a flared skirt, you need a more fitted top—never hide your waistline.”

She’s also into the crop-top look—and again, she has caveats. “Where it’s cropped is the important thing: It can’t be right below your bust, but it also can’t end too low. The top should start a few inches above the smallest part of your waist.” You can do a boxy crop top—certainly better if you’re more busty, Nguyen noted: “Wear it with high-waisted skinny jeans or a pencil skirt.”

Nguyen is most excited about a trend that requires no tailor: pastels. “I feel like there were so many pastel coats and tops for fall, but I love pastel accessories for spring! I mean, baby blue heels or a bag—regardless of what kind of body you have, it just makes you happy.”

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