Dear Lucky: How Do I Wear My Festive Metallic Favorites For Spring?

Executive Beauty Director

Susie Bubble’s pink metallic skirt suit is daytime-glamorous heaven!

Q: I loved all the metallics and sequins this past winter. How do I transition festive styles for spring?

A: Dear @tschnickelfritz, Wear your most exuberantly party-appropriate items in broad daylight. “Everyone is crushing on this trend,” said Lucky executive fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan. “It started out in evening, but now it looks great for day.” The thing is taking it down a notch, she explained: “Pair a metallic jacket with a T-shirt, or a sequined dress with a sneaker.” Even at night, Alexis said, ease up a bit. “Mix in something more casual, so it’s like a dash of sparkle instead of a big production.” Day or night, said fashion director Anne Keane, “think of it as just another texture: Knit, denim, smooth, metallic, sequins … work it right in!”

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