Nine Style Lessons I Learned At A Dude Ranch

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1. There’s nothing like a good pair of jeans.

I mean, duh. But when it comes to being both flattering and functional, I discovered there’s no better solution than Levi’s high-rise skinnies. (Here's me breaking mine in atop my new friend Tadpole!). High-waisted, straight-legged and with essentially zero stretch, these give you the look and feel of vintage blues—without any of the thrift shop digging or eBay bidding. And they’re meant to get beaten up. They look better that way.

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Senior Fashion Writer

Levi’s knows how to party—cowgirl-style. Last week, I was privileged enough to join the classic denim brand in Wickenburg, Arizona to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the debut of their women’s collection. To commemorate the occasion, we did everything the original ranch-bound Levi’s lady did: rode horses, hiked, line danced, sang around the campfire, toasted marshmallows—and, yep, talked denim. Lots and lots of denim. And while I’ve been a lifelong fan of all things jean, during my days at the dude ranch, I picked up a some new style insights that will come in handy both in and out of the saddle. Click through to see some of my tips (and trip highlights). Happy trails!

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