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Some of the very best fashion and beauty secrets our editors have ever picked up are from their mothers. Click through for their favorites!
"Number one: Buy for quality, not quantity. My mom was actually one of the first people to buy Narciso Rodriguez when he launched his line, and she has a great collection of beautiful jewelry that I have pilfered through the years, and [she has lots of] Chanel bags—and because she takes time to choose things she truly loves, it all still looks modern years later. Number two: Take care of your investment. I'm the kind of person who will buy something I love and wear it until it falls off my body, and she's always bemoaning the various state of my handbags or shoes. She has a key to my apartment, and sometimes I think she secretly comes over and conditions my bags for me. So take care of things that you love so you can wear them forever!" - Eva Chen, editor-in-chief
"When we'd go to the beach growing up, my mom would dip herself in a vat of sunscreen to the point where she'd have a white cast all over her face and body. My brother and I used to tease her and be like, 'You look ridiculous!' but she'd just have a knowing smile and be like 'Just wait.' Now I wish that I, too, had dipped myself in a vat of sunscreen because her skin looks amazing for her age—she looks at least a decade younger! She has very few freckles and very few dark spots, and I am like one giant sun damage spot. So Mom, I should've listened to you!" - Eva Chen, editor-in-chief

"The best 'beauty tip' my mother gave was not exactly a beauty tip…  She'd say, 'We're lucky in our family—we all have great bodies.' Our family doesn't have particularly exceptional bodies, but it sort of shut down a lot of the usual negative thinking I had in that regard. Every mother should say that to her children, especially girl children! I feel like I have fewer body issues than most people I know who are around my weight, and I think the fact that she said that every so often made a huge impact. That and how much she loves to exercise—and to eat, and she was never shy about it." - Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

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"My grandmother always tells me you can never be too rich, too blonde, or too thin and while she's mostly joking (I think), I did learn from her the importance of keeping things simple and consistent. She's sworn by a nighttime beauty routine of Nivea's famous blue tin her entire life—and if her 93-year-old skin is anything to go by, it works. She also taught me that saying yes might just be the biggest beauty secret of all. I'm convinced you age better if you're not worrying, just living, and letting yourself indulge in all your favorite luxuries." - Verena von Pfetten, executive digital editor

"I mean the list of fashion and beauty tips my Texas-born-and-bred mom gave me growing up goes on and on! I would say the one that has served me best in life is simply just to smile. HOWEVER, her tips on how to get big hair are also high on the list:

  • Don't use conditioner, or just a tiny bit on the ends.
  • Use a volumizing spray on your roots while your hair is damp.
  • Blow dry hair with a round brush, then pin hair in super-large velcro rollers OR, if you have an old-fashioned, salon-grade, chair hair dryer like she does, pin your hair in rollers while your hair is damp and sit under that until dry. (While waiting, put on 'yoga toes' and read an issue of Lucky magazine for full Lucia Brandt effect (I love you, Mom!)).
  • Once dry, tease hair at roots in segments and spritz on a little dry shampoo for mega Texas-style volume!" - Alexis Bryan Morgan, executive fashion director
"My mom says to envision smooth, gleamy skin where I have breakouts—and to go to bed with that image front and center in my mind. I sneered at first because it seemed so hippie–dippie, but I actually think there's something to visualizing what you want." - Megan O'Neill, senior associate beauty editor
"My mom, who is very stylish and always put together, keeps me on my toes. She's the first to tell me when it's time to color my hair, tweeze my eyebrows or toss an overly-worn pair of shoes. Basically, she reminds me of the importance of looking like a grown-up." - Jenna Gottlieb, senior fashion writer
"My mother is the most stylish woman I know. I owe everything I know about fashion and beauty to her! The main thing she taught me is the importance of being comfortable—no matter how good something looks, if you can't move freely in it it won't make a good impression." - Hayley Phelan, fashion features editor
"My mom taught me the importance of regular eyebrow maintenance from a fairly early age. I'm blessed with incredibly thick, bushy arches that, by the time I was about 12 or 13, bordered on a full-blown unibrow. At that point, my mom carefully pulled her very-emotionally-sensitive daughter aside and kindly mentioned it might be time to 'do something about those.' Being terrified of pain of any kind, I proceeded to sprint through the house screaming as my mom chased me, arms outstretched, a pair of tweezers in hand. She finally managed to pin me down, and spent no less than a full hour alternating tweezing with gentle ice application until my brows were presentable—still thick, but tamed. Save for one poorly thought out over-plucking disaster in middle school, I've never strayed far from that original shape she showed me—nor have I ever let anyone else touch my brows. Now, they're one of my favorite personal features. Thanks, Mom—and sorry about all that shrieking." - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
"My mom's a tailor so she'd much rather spend the extra time altering clothes that I've discarded because they didn't fit than have me spend money on something new. It's helped me look at my closet in a new way and bring life back to clothes I've packed away for years. She's taught me that as long as something fits right, you can get much more mileage out of your clothing by spending a few bucks on tailoring (although she always did mine for free!). However, this also means I never threw anything out growing up, which has proven to be both good and bad." - Christa Lee, digital beauty editor
"The best beauty advice my mother gave me was to take my makeup off before bed, no matter how tired I was. She told me I would wake up looking 10 years older. While this might have been a slight exaggeration, her scare tactics worked and I'm forever grateful for it." - Noelle Sciacca, senior associate fashion market editor
"I'm intensely obsessed with both my parents, though I prefer to take fashion and beauty advice from my darling mother; my dad's fashion and beauty regimen is comprised of old concert tees and Palmers Cocoa Butter, respectively. My mom (and basically everyone on her side of the family) is blessed with absolutely beautiful, fairly wrinkle-less skin. She's never gotten Botox and her face is essentially flawless. While so much of that is genetics, she swears it's because she's completely neurotic about her nighttime ritual. For as long as I can remember, she's sworn by no less than 15 oils and creams that she puts on one after another before going to sleep. But her number one beauty rule? Always, always wash your face once before going to bed, and once after waking up—and take your makeup off as soon as you get home for the day using Pond's Cold Cream." - Maura Brannigan, digital fashion news writer
"My mom to this day still gives me the same advice that she gave me when I was younger. 'Always look your best when you leave the house. You never know who you might meet.' She still gets on me today if I don't look well put together for her standards!" - Amaris Jones, contributing fashion assistant
"I've had thick, dark eyebrows ever since I was a little girl, but my mother always taught me to never over-tweeze. Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne were unknowns in the early 1990s, though I trusted my mom (her brows have always been great) and to this day, I've never allowed anyone to touch my brows. Perhaps I'm a control freak perfectionist, but I don't mind pruning every week if it means they will be the way I want them to be. Thanks, Mom, for being my first brow (and all-around) inspiration." - Kristie Dash, assistant to the editor-in-chief
"My mom swears by Dove soap, and the best beauty advice she has given me revolves around it. For example, if your skin is breaking out/irritated/stressed, wash it with Dove soap and let it be. Another one: Only use makeup that you can remove with just Dove soap and water. As someone with sensitive skin, I can say it is useful advice!" - Stephanie Kornblum, public relations coordinator