WATCH: Emma Roberts Is An Expert At Voodoo Magic

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At the height of Emma Roberts' Palo Alto publicity tour, the bubbly 23-year-old stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers yesterday to discuss neither her co-star James Franco's latest antics nor her hunt for the perfect Marni shoes. While Palo Alto and its rave reviews were, of course, discussed in detail, the undeniable highlight of Roberts' interview was her account of her onetime Ghostbusters-worthy gig.

While filming last season's American Horror Story: Coven in New Orleans, an easily frightened Roberts joined her cast on one of the city's infamous ghost tours, during which a spooky old lady led the group around various quarters to present "where horrific things happened" and the like. At the end of the expedition, Roberts asked her tour guide how to best fend off the rampant New Orleans spirits—and apparently, the solution involves making an "offering" of tequila and salt.

"A couple months went by," Roberts explained to Meyers, "And we're shooting the show and everyone had these horrible ghost things happen to them, and I was the only one that didn't—so I think the tequila and salt works!"

There you have it, folks: a haunted house ain't got nothing on a strong margarita.

Watch her full interview with Meyers below:

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