Why Is No One Talking About This Game Of Thrones Dress?

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Sunday's Game of Thrones episode had some really exciting moments—and we're not even talking about what happened at the Vale.

It's no secret that we are huge fans of the Mother of Dragons, but one of her recent wardrobe updates has us particularly excited. While the majority of Season 3 saw Daenerys conquering cities with the help of her fire-breathing "children," it was her signature blue gown that had us a bit down. I mean, come on—it's gorgeous, sure, but she wore it for the whole season!

That's exactly why last Sunday's daring cut-out silver and navy number has us so excited for the rest of the season to come. Sure, the shoulders still have those trademark blue dragon scales Daenerys loves, but this new, sexier style—combined with her loosened-up hairstyle—is a major change-up from the norm for her. Check out the image below for a Season 3 vs. Season 4 "dress-off," if you will.

Also, props for Emilia Clarke's insane abs—if you got it, flaunt it, girl. Need to catch up on the best fashion from Game of Thrones' past three seasons? We've got you covered!

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