Your 100% Non-Offensive Guide To Cinco de Mayo Style

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Unless you're attending an authentic Mexican fiesta, it's a little offensive to pile sombreros on ponchos on peasant skirts for Cinco de Mayo, no? Click through for seven things you can do instead.

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Some people celebrate Cinco de Mayo by immersing themselves in Mexican culture. They listen to traditional mariachi bands, watch traditional folk dances, sample traditional enchilada recipes and ponder the Battle of Puebla, which took place on this very day 152 years ago. This blog post is not for those people.

Instead, I'm here to help anyone planning to honor all things South of the Border with a double shot of tequila the moment happy hour hits, chase it with a margarita, hoover some chips doused in guacamole and then do the whole thing over again. Participation in this less-than-authentic (but so fun!) Cinco de Drinko circuit means taking extra special care with your look: it should nod to Mexico's heritage, not stereotype it. Any one of the seven completely non-offensive style and beauty ideas in the slideshow above strike that perfect balance—click through prevent a embarrassing sombrero selfie you'll surely regret.

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