The Best Sleep Of Your Life Can Now Be Found In Brooklyn

Senior Associate Beauty Editor

Courtesy of HBO

I woke up feeling sexily loungey à la Jessa from Girls this morning. Or was it Hannah I felt like, waking up in the rich doctor’s pillow-heaped, Brooklyn-brownstone bed?

Seriously, today I did wake up more rested and calm and delighted than ever because my sheets felt like billowy, whipped cream clouds against my skin.

Usually I toss and turn. I didn’t. I slept—one of those cavernous, dreamless, open-mouth slumbers where you have no sense of yourself or of anything until you wake up and come into being once again—like I’d never slept before. And all thanks to my new Brooklinen sheets. Brooklinen! Yes! Kind of best name ever!

Made in Israel and spun from long-staple Egyptian cotton (270-thread), they’re beautifully plush and so far impervious to washer-dryer-induced pilling.

Plus, they cost less than a new dress and come in crisp whites and smoke-gray pinstripes (with more colors on the horizon), impeccably folded in the cutest, hipsteriest tote bag of all time. (Right now, you can buy them via the brand's Kickstarter fund, which means you'll be among the first to get your hands on them.) Brooklinen! It’s a thing!

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