January Jones Fires Back At Sexist Magazine Spread

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via Instagram/@januaryjones

Before there were Sheryl Sandberg and Sophia Amoruso to guide us on our journey towards Leaning In and #GIRLBOSSdom, there were stock photos depicting men yelling at their female secretaries. And before chillster January Jones became renowned for her portrayal of Betty Draper (now Francis) on Mad Men, she was just a model appearing in said sexist stock photos.

Jones took to Instagram yesterday to share a culturally relevant Throwback Thursday, depicting her in the above 1996 magazine shoot. She captioned: "#tbt to 1996 when I was modeling for a magazine story and talking about women's 'issues.' 1996 resembled 1956 more than I realized. #bitchesbebossesnow"

She was awesome to point out the outdated nature of the story, especially considering her character Betty's contentment for all such strictly defined gender roles. The times, they are a-changing!

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