America's BFF Alert: Jennifer Lawrence Got Drunk And Vomited At An Oscar After-Party

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Hey, J-Law! Where ya been, girl? With recent news cycles swirling through fellow famous-but-normal girls Lupita Nyong'o and Emma Stone, it's almost as if we've forgotten about Jennifer Lawrence in all her trip-and-fall glory.

But, never fear: our 23-year-old BFF is back in the national brain space with a confession that is both entirely fitting and hilarious. According to Us Weekly, in a previously taped episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers (airing May 21), Lawrence admitted that she got way too drunk at Madonna's Oscar after-party—so drunk, in fact, that she not only threw up on the stairs, but prompted a "Get it together, girl!" from none other than serial party animal Miley Cyrus.

Of course, we're not entirely surprised considering Lawrence's variety of hot mess-approved antics: falling once, falling twice, wiggling her "arm fat," expertly photobombing Taylor Swift, etc. Plus, we've all (presumably) been told in college that this sort of thing happens to everyone, right? Even at Madonna's house. At the Oscars.

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