Jerry Hall And Georgia May Jagger On Mother's Day Shopping And Model Beauty Secrets

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However mother/daughter model duo Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger wind up celebrating Mother's Day this year, I have a feeling they'll be wearing killer shades the whole time. Fresh off the set of Sunglass Hut's new WOW MOM campaign, the pair has a slew of amazing new styles to break in and borrow from each other (even if the lending out isn't exactly equal—more on that, though, below). But, as I learned when I sat down with them earlier this week, eyewear is hardly the only thing these two share! Read on to see what they steal from each other's closets, their favorite way to unwind and the on-set beauty tip that's been in their family for three generations!

: Sunglass Hut isn't the first modeling gig you two have done together. Tell me, is it easier or more difficult having someone from your family as a partner on set?

Georgia May Jagger: At first I used to get nervous shooting with mum since she is such a good model, but now we just have fun with it. Mum always tells me to act natural. If the pose feels uncomfortable, then most likely it will look strange. She also has a great runway walk and gives me tips all the time when walking down the street.

Jerry Hall: It was fun getting to spend time with Georgia May during the Sunglass Hut Mother’s Day campaign shoot. This was the second year in a row for us, so this time we were pros shooting together. Getting to spend a full day on set with Georgia May is a nice treat, especially since she travels so much.

Mother's Day is coming up! Any suggestions for creative gifts?

GMJ: Sunglasses, perfume and a day at the spa are always good gifts for mum! One year my sister and I had breakfast in bed with mum. We made it for her and then got in bed to eat it.

JH: A few years ago, Georgia May and her sister wrote my name in roses in the garden. They told me to look outside the window to see it. Georgia also made me a beautiful needlepoint pillow that said "I love you mum." I like spending time with my family on Mother’s Day and just relaxing. In terms of gifts [this year], I saw a really nice pair of pink aviator sunglasses during the photo shoot that Georgia knows I liked!

Is there anything you two steal from each other’s closets? Anything you would NEVER steal?

GMJ: We borrow stuff from each other all of the time. While I raid her closet for vintage pieces from the '70s, she’s always stealing my sunglasses. I used to take hers, now she takes mine! We can’t steal each other’s shoes, but that’s simply because we don’t have the same size feet!

JH: Whenever I see her she always has new clothes. I like to borrow things that she has a lot of—like her sunglasses! She has a huge collection now thanks to Sunglass Hut. I give them back...eventually. When she catches me!

What's the best beauty and style advice you've received from your mothers?

GMJ: When it comes to beauty, mum always tells me to get enough sleep and drink lots of water. For style, red lipstick and oversized black sunglasses will glam up any outfit. Mum always used to tell me to put Vaseline on my teeth to keep my lipstick from smudging. I didn’t get it but now I do it all the time. It’s a really great trick. We both put it on our teeth during the Sunglass Hut WOW MOM campaign shoot. Everyone thought we were being silly, but really we taught them something new!

JH: My mum told me about that trick when I first started modeling!

Jerry, what's one thing about your beauty routine that hasn't changed since the '70s?

JH: I’m a Texas girl at heart and to this day, still love my hair big and curled.

What's your favorite mother/daughter bonding activity?

GMJ: When I was younger, we used to go horseback riding together in Richmond Park, but these days we like the spa.

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