Karlie Kloss Is Going to Harvard!

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By definition, Karlie Kloss has wholly exceeded her basic supermodel career duties—and she'll be the first to tell you that she's more than a slight overachiever, from baking cookies to modeling lingerie. As the brainiac confessed in an interview with the Daily Front Row during Berlin Fashion Week last January, "Harvard at some point is in the plan, but all in good time." And judging from Kloss' Instagram, the time, is seems, has come.

Yesterday, Kloss posted the above picture standing outside the John Harvard statue that isn't actually John Harvard (props to The Social Network for that excellent tidbit of trivia) with the following caption: "I am very excited to be spending a few days here on the Harvard Campus in Cambridge for a class this week." Seventeen hours later, and the excitement clearly hadn't worn off as she posted another image of her study setup at Harvard Business School's Baker Library, captioned: "Late night in the library." Note: she's even using a Moleskine notebook like a real college girl.

While Kloss is keeping mum on what it is exactly that she's doing in Harvard Yard, our friends at The Cut pointed out that it's likely she's "pulling a Tyra"—meaning, attending the HBS' Executive Education Program for entrepreneurs, rather than a more full-time situation. But, it's still Harvard, which we bet makes Kloss' Harvard undergraduate and graduate-educated boyfriend, Joshua Kushner, quite happy.

via Instagram/@karliekloss

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