From The Vault: Kate Moss Discusses The Price Of Fame In This 1995 Fashion Film

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Especially in her early days, Kate Moss' reputation for keeping mysteriously mum has only added to her allure as one of the world's most famed supermodels. In 1995, then-20-year-old Moss was living and working in New York, and was a year into her now-legendary relationship with Johnny Depp—and permitted British fashion photographer Nick Knight to follow her around on an ordinary day for a short film, the footage from which we've never seen. Until now.

The 12-minute fashion film is shot in the style of surveillance footage, eerily portraying Moss going about her errands before arriving for a photo shoot; watching Moss' motions and listening to her discuss her career feels a bit like voyeurism, almost like being in a time machine. While Knight's narration plays over the majority of the clip, it's not until the final scene that we hear Moss' own voice as she describes how "freaky" fame is.

"You can be in a place and be leaving and everyone's staring at you—it's kind of uneasy," she says. "I'd much rather they come up and say something than just sit there and stare." She continues: "Just when it's really private and the press get involved, it's really intrusive and can be damaging."

Trust us on this one: it's worth carving out 12 minutes today to watch this video.

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