Sweater Weather: 30 Splendid Summer Knits

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Much like "no white before Labor Day" and "don't mix navy and black," "only wear sweaters between September and April" is a fashion rule that's meant to be broken. Click through for 30 lightweight knits you can use all summer.

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One fine July day about a hundred and one years ago, my mother stopped me from leaving the house in a Fair Isle sweater and shorts. "It's like one season on the top, another on the bottom," she argued. "That just looks silly."

Admittedly, I suppose, she had one valid argument: my thick wooly pullover was undoubtedly too warm for the weather (although it was also the same style that Katie Holmes, aka Joey Potter, wore on an episode of Dawson's Creek, a fact that can override silly things like practicality). But to this day, I stand by the outfit itself; if my top was anything like one of the open-weave, lightweight or short-sleeve knits featured in the gallery above, it would've worked out just fine. Done right, summer sweaters are are always a good look. Check out my 30 top picks for proof.

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