Lorde Counts Kanye West As Her Inspiration

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Steve Eichner/WWD

Ella Yelich-O'Connor—who you might better recognize as Lorde—is one of the most intriguing figures currently working in entertainment. The 17-year-old Kiwi singer already has two Grammy Awards, a limited-edition MAC Cosmetics collection and best friendships with fellow teen whisperers Tavi Gevinson and Taylor Swift to her name.

While there's just no one quite like her, Lorde finds inspiration in familiar—albeit varied—places. One such surprising influence: Kanye West. She explains to Women's Wear Daily: "Because I think his vision, how closed-off he is in his vision—he has a very strong sense of himself. Grace Jones, too; she's an icon and so badass."

As for her brooding MAC collection, the partnership was an organic one that nicely nods to the singer's first-ever cosmetics purchase: a pale pink lipstick from the brand. "I'm a really big fan of MAC and have been since before I could really afford it," she said. "When they approached me, I jumped at the chance. It's rare that you find a brand that feels so perfect. I hate weird product placements and endorsements that feel uncomfortable."

It's clear that Lorde is entirely grounded and self-aware, even in light of her dazzling rise to fame. "I just try not to be too much of a d—k with people or my mom would be like…" [she makes a face]. "And my sister [growing up] would be like, 'Can you just shut up.'"

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