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Los Angeles ladies are known for their easy-breezy style sense, marked by a love of all things colorful and casual. Click through to learn which key pieces make up every L.A. woman's wardrobe—and to shop versions of each!
Heeled Sandals

It's a truth universally acknowledged that nobody walks in L.A. As such, it's actually possible to wear towering heels all day long without suffering the toe-crunching consequences—and this city's locals love to do just that.

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Denim Jackets

When temperatures rarely dip below 60 degrees, all you need is a light jacket—and boy, do L.A. ladies love their blues.

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Head-Turning Hats

In case the abundant palm trees didn't tip you off, it's sunny in the City of Angels! While locals certainly love their statement shades just as much as NYC'ers, they also rely on a mix of cool hats—from fedoras to snapbacks to straw Panama styles—to shield their faces from errant rays.

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Bold Nail Colors

When your city's teeming with the world's most famous superstars, you've got to look good from head to toe…to finger.

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Simple Shorts

Want a leg up? Whether they're denim, leather or soft silk, shorts are a year-round West Coast staple.

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Sexy Swimsuits

When you live a stone's throw away from the shore, it's a smart idea to be beach-ready at all times. Paired with a loose cropped top and the aforementioned shorts, a bikini might as well be a bona fide outfit.

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Colorful Dresses

Basic black? Not here! Los Angeles women prefer their sundresses in bold hues and pretty prints—and accessorized to the nines, of course.

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