Our Superhero Guide To Finding Your Best Denim Fit

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Whether you're looking to minimize your hips or fake curves, we've found a denim style that'll get the job done. Click through for jeans that address these concerns and more.

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When a women slips into the perfect pair of jeans, an amazing transformation happens. She instantly stands a little taller. She walks down the street with more confidence than Kanye West. She casually slows down in front of extra-reflective windows to see how incredible her butt looks. Other women look at her and wonder where they can buy the same pants for themselves. And therein lies the reason why every lady in the world isn't sashaying around in denim that looks tailor-made: a cut that flatters one girl's shape might look awful on another's. You aren't going to find the right style by taking your cues from someone else.

So before you let curvy Brooke and her Calvins or a slim-hipped Isabel Marant model influence your next denim purchase, take a moment to consider your body—what would you like to enhance? To downplay? Whatever you're looking to get out of your jeans, you'll find it in the slideshow above, where I've included multiple solutions for five major fit concerns. Click through to find the best option for you.

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