Congratulations, Class Of 2014: 17 Lucky Editors Share Their Career Success Secrets

"I was the senior beauty writer at a big fashion magazine, and the beauty director position came open. The editor-in-chief called me in and asked me, 'Who could I hire for the beauty director position? Who's good?' I couldn't believe it—I mean, did she not see me sitting there? Every day, for two weeks, she called me in and asked me the same question. I got madder and madder. And finally, a wise person explained: 'Jean. You have to tell her you want it. Otherwise she won't know.'

I went in to my editor's office, and I blurted out, 'What about me?'

'You—really? You want it?' she asked. 'It's yours!' It's such an old saying, but it just could not be more true: You don't ask, you don't get." - Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

Courtesy of Jean Godfrey-June

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After walking across the graduation stage to receive your diploma, after a huge celebratory dinner with your family and getting drunk with your classmates, after opening all those (hopefully!) cash-filled envelopes and doing a little victory dance around your bedroom, it finally starts to sink in: you're in the real world now. Now's the moment to put those big dreams into action.

Because that sounds about a hundred million times simpler than it is, our editors are sharing the best things they've learned since leaving the comfortable bubble of college. Click through the slideshow above for their words of wisdom nowand good luck! Everything's going to work out, we promise.

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