WATCH: Lupita Nyong'o Giving Laughing Lessons On Sesame Street Is The Happiest Thing You'll See All Day

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At this point, our all-consuming obsession with Lupita Nyong'o is starting to get a little… extreme. If her Oscar-winning acting chops and undeniable beauty haven't won you over yet, then perhaps the fun fact that the 31-year-old It-girl speaks five languages will do it for you.

Nyong'o recently appeared on the Spanish-language version of Sesame Street, Plaza Sésamo, to help celebrate Smile Day. Though merely 17 seconds long, the results were absurdly charming. "Hello, I'm Lupita. Today I want us to celebrate Smile Day," she says in the clip. "Do you know how to laugh? Why don't we laugh together? Ready: 1, 2 ,3!"

Now, excuse us while we frantically figure out how to make her laugh our ringtone. It could spawn world peace, this laugh.

Watch her segment in Spanish below:

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