Men of the Met Gala: The 30 Most Dashing Dudes on the Red Carpet

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As much as we love looking at the most fashionable Met Gala ladies and see their beauty looks, let's give some credit to the men, shall we? Plus, looking at a bunch of hot guys in tuxedos isn't much of a chore. Click through to see our favorite Met Gala men!

Evan Falk / WWD

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The men may have been a tad confused by this year's Met Gala dress code of "white tie with decorations", but they certainly didn't disappoint on the red carpet last night. We couldn't help but notice the rainbow of tuxedos on the men, which ran the gamut from white to navy to plaid—though there was a dearth of top hats, in our humble opinion. (Shout out to the one gent who went for it!) Click through the slideshow above to see our favorite Met Gala men in tuxedos—you won't be disappointed.

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