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We scoured last night's Met Gala red carpet for the evening's biggest trends. Click through to see and shop each one now.
1. Colorblocked Black and White
This look is less about the two colors—because, really, do they ever not go together?—but the graphic, high-impact way in which they were paired together: a bold swath of each side-by-side.
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2. High Shine Metallics
One part Space Age-y, the other Studio 64, these dresses are all about catching light in the most flattering way possible.
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3. Hardcore Crop Tops
While we've been seeing crop tops of all kinds on the fashion scene for while now, there was one type, and one type alone happening at yesterday's event: tight and belly-baring. If you love this trend, we hope you love crunches, too!
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4. Asymmetrical Necklines
From one-shoulder straps to single side frills, there were lots of unexpected touches happening around several stars' décolletage.
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5. Head-To-Toe Red

Even in a demurely cut gown, everyone looks a little bit sexier when this color's involved. Must be the Jessica Rabbit effect.

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6. Pastel Pink
Seeing as blush coats were the coats to have all winter, we're hardly surprised to see this pastel color's still huge. Trust us, you want get yourself a baby pink dress now—the good ones will sell out soon!
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7. Extreme Cleavage
Because no plunging neckline conversation is complete without a reference to Jennifer Lopez's 2000 Grammys gown, let's just say it had some serious competition last night.
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8. Illusion Skirts
Think of it as a mini that hides all imperfections below the belt—no time to get a spray tan or shave? No problem!
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9. Skirt Slits
The influence of #AngiesRightLeg lives on. (Speaking of which: where was she?!!)
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10. Heavy Satin

Although this one may be be at least partially due to the decadence of Charles Jordan's famous ball gowns, we've also been seeing the shiny fabric on some some pretty big runways (Narciso Rodriguez and Prada anyone?). We predict it'll be huge come fall, so shop accordingly.

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11. Exposed Backs
If you're into this one, try to balance it out by keeping the rest of your look extra covered. That means slide number eight is off limits!
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