Met Gala Face-Off: Did Kim Kardashian And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Wear the Same Dress?

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Feast your eyes: two very different women, two very similar leopard-printed Balmain dresses at tonight's Met Gala. Between Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kim Kardashian, who's wearing it better?

We just have to ask, aren't there people amongst the celebrity-dressing villages whose whole jobs are to make sure this particular thing doesn't happen? Especially when it's under one designer, for one event, for a Vogue supermodel and a Vogue cover star? I physically don't understand how this happens. Do the two of them know this is happening? Are they engaging in a Who Wore It Better battle amongst themselves? Are they all, "Girl, you look great! I look great! Let's look great together!'"

What is going on here?!

Update, 8:28PM: We're seeing on Twitter that something happened before Kardashian walked out the door and it appears she completely changed her dress. Did she hear the masses clammering? No word yet on who makes the 2.0 dress, but thank goodness she a) hadn't left her hotel yet, and b) had a back-up dress handy.

Update, 8:41PM: It's possible that the original image of Kim Kardashian in the Balmain dress is not from tonight's Met Gala. We're on the case. Stay tuned!

Update, 10:41PM: It's been confirmed that Kim's dress is custom Lanvin. That means the first photo was, indeed, a hoax.

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