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In Miami, locals dress in head-to-toe color and print and love to pile on the sparkle with look-at-me accessories. Click through to learn which key pieces make up every Miami woman's wardrobe—and to shop versions of each!
Flat Sandals

Miami's one of the most walkable cities in the country; true to form, locals prefer to bike or hotfoot it around town. Flat footwear's an absolute must in this Floridian city, with sandals being the obvious best bet.

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Bold Bikinis

In a town where swimwear qualifies as streetwear, you've got to dress to impress.

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Body-Conscious Dresses

Miami's famous for its top-notch nightlife scene—and often, locals can't wait for sunset to debut their dancing dresses.

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Statement Jewelry

Welcome to Miami, where the wrists, earlobes and necklines sparkle as brightly as the neighboring Atlantic. Diamonds may be de rigueur here, but bold costume jewelry's every bit as popular—yes, even on the actual beach.

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Eye-Catching Clutches

Miamians are serious about dressing up for dinner—every meal out is an event. That means big, bulky bags just won't do.

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Maxi Skirts

In other American cities, floor-sweeping skirts might be considered a passing trend that filters in and out of favor every few seasons. In Miami, however, the dramatic length is a style staple.

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Whether it's a brush-on powder, a shimmering oil that lends a temporary glow or an actual tanning lotion that deepens your skin tone, bronzing implements are an absolute must in Miami. After all, a girl can't rely on the sun's rays alone to get the job done!

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