Don't Read Too Much Into J.Crew Mercantile, Says Mickey Drexler

Digital Fashion News Writer

Following a report last week that J.Crew Group Inc. had trademarked the "J.Crew Mercantile" name in November, rumors haven't stopped swirling that a new sister brand could be in the works. Could we expect a lower-priced label, a string of standalone stores or something entirely different?

Well, maybe—but right now, J.Crew's chairman and chief executive Mickey Drexler says we all need to cool our jets. Drexler told Women's Wear Daily on Tuesday that the name has a certain ring to it, and that's about where it ends.

"Mercantile is a name we own. There's not much beyond that," said Drexler. "It's a name that was available and we liked. The way we run the company, we are always thinking creatively, innovating and managing our assets. We have secured names and trademarks with either loose ideas or intentions, or with our imaginations. Sometimes things come of it, or they don't."

You hear that, everyone? J.Crew Group may never even use the Mercantile name, so let's all sit back and relax. For now, anyway.

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