Wedding Belles: The Most Memorable Movie Bridesmaids Ever

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Picking a bridesmaid dress isn't easy! Click through to see our favorite bridesmaid looks–good and bad!–from some truly memorable movies.
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A lot goes into planning a wedding, and picking the perfect bridesmaid dresses is arguably the hardest part. Why so tricky? Finding one frock that suits each woman's hair color, complexion and body type isn't exactly simple (and I've known wedding parties that had up to 12 bridesmaids to dress…yeesh). And unfortunately, there aren't any Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-style bridesmaid dresses out there—not that I know of, at least!

The best place to look for inspiration here is—you guessed it—our favorite movies. Most films might focus on the bride's dress–as they should!–but there are some serious bridesmaid dress hits (and misses!) to be found in the world of cinema as well. Click through the slideshow above to see our favorite bridesmaid looks–good and bad!–from some memorable movies.

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