Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso Has A Bone To Pick With Sheryl Sandberg

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Per most buzzy and successful companies, one hallway in Nasty Gal's Los Angeles headquarters is lined with recent magazine clippings profiling founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso from the likes of Fast Company and Entrepreneur. But Amoruso didn't hang those clippings—her mom did, framing them and billing the company for her efforts. It's a refreshing business model that shines a serious light on how Amoruso runs her 300-employee organization.

While we've been following Amoruso's professional prowess for years, our obsession with her as a businesswoman—as a woman, in general—reached a pinnacle when she joined our editor-in-chief Eva Chen for a one-on-one discussion at last month's Lucky FABB. She described her history as a "hairy-armpited feminist" and how the idea for Nasty Gal came to her while she was "fiddling around on eBay."

Now with a new book #GIRLBOSS sweeping bookshelves everywhere, we're not the only ones taking notice. In a feature in this week's issue of New York magazine, Amoruso muses on the sheer marketing power of #GIRLBOSS—as a book, as a movement—while highlighting the history of her company.

In February, Amoruso confronted a Twitter user who suggested she use the term "LADYBOSS" rather than the book's present title. She explains: "I mean, come on. I don't like when an old man says, [creepy voice] 'Let's invite the girls to dinner,' but I think it's okay to call girls girls." Reportedly, she paused. "And I think it's okay to call girls bossy."

This comes in response to Sheryl Sandberg's new "Ban Bossy" campaign. Launched in March, Ban Bossy tapped Diane von Furstenberg, Jennifer Garner and Beyoncé to rid of the judgmental term "bossy" in the place of female leadership support. It's a Sandberg-aimed jab, albeit a kind of badass one, worthy of a #GIRLBOSS, and a #GIRLBOSS alone.

For Sophia Amoruso's full New York magazine profile, click here.

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