News Flash: Taylor Swift's Met Gala Afterparty Was For Teenagers


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In what is perhaps the least surprising news we've heard all day, Taylor Swift threw a Met Gala after-party that was more Mickey Mouse Club than, well, actual club. According to fellow teen-at-heart Karlie Kloss: "We were all playing pool in our ball gowns, and just eating pizza and hanging out—just like you'd do at a teenage after-party." [The Cut]

Today, J.Crew launched its new "Swim Finder" platform, which allows shoppers to filter the brand's entire swim collection by style, size and color. Hey, anything to make swimsuit shopping a less painful process... [J.Crew]

Team R-Patz, cover those ears: Kristen Stewart has made her directoral debut with a music video for the band Sage + the Saints. [Elle]

Vera Wang, on Kim Kardashian's wedding dress: "I think it will be a momentous fashion statement." As if Kanye West would have it any other way, really. [Us Weekly]

In case you've heard the rumors swirling about, no, Coldplay's Chris Martin is not consciously coupling with Alexa Chung—or so he says. [The Telegraph]

Word on the street is that Nicolas Ghesquière's first Louis Vuitton ads, due out this fall, will showcase quite the breadth of legendary photographic talent, including Bruce Weber, Annie Leibovitz and Juergen Teller. [Women's Wear Daily]

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