Office Outfit Inspiration: Seven Try-Them-Now Spring Looks

Culottes / Mules

Don't fear the culotte! By pairing these wide and wonderful below-the-knee shorts with a slim-fitting blazer and classic tank, they can stand in nicely for your favorite office-appropriate A-line skirt. A pair of spring's of-the-moment mules finishes everything off.
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Senior Digital Editor

The weather's finally warmed up and you've stowed away your wintertime wardrobe, replacing it with all your lovely, lightweight spring staples. Perhaps you've even added a few new pieces to the mix, too! So when tasked with putting together those springtime office outfits, why the sudden case of "style block?"

The answer's easy—like an off-season athlete, you're just a little out of practice! Months of necessary layering and non-negotiable outerwear have taken their toll, and the task of assembling warm-weather work ensembles now feels foreign. But fear not—I'm here to help! Above, I've put together seven foolproof 9-to-5 outfits, each of which incorporates at least one prominent spring trend. Click through to amp up your office style game now!

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