The Only Dress You Need For Wedding Season—And Five Flawless Outfits!

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One fit-and-flare dress + one wedding season = an infinite amount of outfit possibilities. Click through for five greats ones, each based on a different type of ceremony.

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So, somehow, your invitation Kimye's whirlwind wedding weekend got lost in the mail. You didn't have sugar-free cake at Valentino's massive French estate. You didn't get to use the bathroom in a grand, 49 foot tall Golden Toilet Tower. If you ever see one of the happy couple's BLK DNM leather jackets in person, it will be because you ordered it for yourself. But you don't have time to get pulled down by all that FOMO. Too many other people, people you actually know, are getting married this summer.

The next few months are filled with preparations that take an extraordinary amount of effort and money—reserving flights, booking hotels, shopping registries—so you'll want to cut some corners where you can (and no, I don't mean you should gift the happy couple a homemade Popsicle stick picture frame so you have enough cash left to go hard at the Barney's Warehouse Sale). A perfect place to start is with the pink Kenzo fit-and-flare dress* featured below, which is not just universally flattering, but insanely versatile as well. With just a quick switch of accessories here, a new beauty look there, you'll be amazed at how simple it is to to make this dress work for whatever type of ceremony you've got planned. To get you started, I've put together looks for five possible "I do" events—click through to get inspired now.

* Although, this style is not inexpensive by any means, I do feel it's worth the investment if you're wearing it to multiple weddings—just think of the cost per wear! Plus, it's totally something you can use for everyday life, too. Even still, if you'd like a less pricey alternative, this Topshop dress is a great way to go!

Behold: the only dress you need buy this entire wedding season!

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