Rihanna's Stylist Says She's Running Out Of Clothes: 'It's Over'

Digital Fashion News Writer

Through her nearly 10-year career, Rihanna's influence on the fashion industry has become immeasurable—so much so that Tom Ford recently called out the 26-year-old icon's Instagram for currently being the one of the most influential publications in fashion. But as the age-old adage goes, fame comes at a price, and now interestingly enough, Rihanna's ever-expanding closet could soon go out of business.

In a The New York Times interview with Rihanna's genius of a stylist, Mel Ottenberg, it was revealed that Rihanna's arsenal of couture pieces is nearing a dead end. While name-dropping greats like Tom Ford, Givenchy and Dior, all of which fight to dress Rihanna for any and every occasion, they've come upon a peculiar problem regarding inventory.

"It's the end of May," said Ottenberg, "and we've already used up all of fall/winter. It's over."

By "fall/winter," of course, Ottenberg is referring to the forthcoming season that won't actually arrive for several months—unless you're Rihanna. Perhaps this pickle will force the songstress to expand her designer repertoire, or Ottenberg will simply have to get creative. We have a few DIYs she might want to try.

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