Get Ready: Robyn Just Released A New Album!

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The first season of HBO's Girls, with all its light-hearted and playful plotlines, had no shortage of memorable moments. While the crew's appearance at the Bushwick warehouse party certainly had its merits, one of our favorite scenes of the season was Hannah and Marnie's roommate dance party in their Brooklyn apartment. Why? Because it was set to the undeniably catchy tones of Robyn's 2010 single "Dancing On My Own".

For some, that 2012 episode served as their first introduction to the 34-year-old Swedish singer—but for others, she'd already been an established player in their music library. While Robyn's 10 Swedish Grammy Award wins have already proved that she's a more than capable songstress in her own right, she's since joined forces with the Norwegian electronic duo Royksopp to put out a five-track EP. Released today, the 25-minute mini-album "Do It Again" serves as their first collaboration together before launching a world tour, starting in Barcelona on June 13.

"The three of us came together with this new band," one-half of Royksopp, Torbjorn Brundtland, told Women's Wear Daily. "We kind of opened up aesthetically to new ways of working which I think is technical but we were able to let go more."

Robyn, known among her fans for being at once cheerful and emotional, colorful and thought-provoking, is just going with the flow. "I don't know what I'm doing next," she said. "I don't know when I will make another solo album. I'm not interested in that format at the moment. It doesn't mean that it won't happen because I have some ideas, but I'm not interested in that way of making music at the moment."

And so begins the Summer of Robyn. You heard it here first.

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