From Pleated Skorts To Cool Culottes, 25 Pairs Of Shorts That Look Like Skirts

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Mark my words: breezy culottes and full, pleated skorts will be this summer's answer to last year's ubiquitous Zara skort. Click through to shop 25 pairs of shorts that look like skirts!

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Last summer, it was the one item we couldn't stop spotting all over fashion blogs, street style snaps and city sidewalks. The perfect polished shorts-skirt hybrid, it popped up on celebrities, models, editors and dozens of other stylish ladies—and cost less than $50.

I'm talking, of course, about that Zara skort. Chances are, you're already well familiar with the wrap-front piece. Perhaps you even own one (or more!) yourself. And while the skort's certainly here to stay for at least one more summer, I'm guessing that 2013's go-to asymmetrical style won't be quite as popular this time around. Rather, in light of the fashion world's current obsession with gaucho pants, I'm fully expected breezy culottes and full, pleated skorts to become this season's It items instead. These flowing, billowy bottoms are just the thing to slip into for a day of shopping or errand-running—and unlike an actual skirt, there's no danger of being accidentally exposed by a sudden gust of wind or less-than-perfectly-executed automobile exit. In short—pun fully intended—you need one of these styles, stat.

Click through above to shop 25 pairs of shorts that look like skirts.

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