How To Find The Most Flattering Silhouette For Your Body Type

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Maybe you're a triangle, maybe you're a rectangle—regardless of your geometric configuration, there is always something that will make you look gorgeous! Click through for to shop the best pieces for your body shape.

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It's an experience shared by many women: You're walking through your favorite boutique when suddenly, you happen upon the most amazing dress/blouse/fill-in-the-blank fashion item, only to find that it looked so much better on the hanger. When it happens, we're quick to blame our various "flaws": "My hips are too wide," or "I just ate a burrito the size of North Dakota—I shouldn't even be clothes shopping right now!" Whatever the case, it's true that us ladies are all built differently, and that means that not every style will work for everyone.

Joking aside, dressing for your body type can be incredibly overwhelming. We're told that there are zillions of different body shapes out there, some of which are exactly the same as one another, and then handed a set of black and white rules to which we need to adhere in order to dress flawlessly. These guidelines usually further complicate the task at hand, ensuring that our shopping adventures are nothing short of disastrous.

My goal here is to help you understand which silhouettes tend to work best for which body types—keeping in mind, of course, that even when broken down into categories, we are all still very different and no one style tip or rule will ever be an all-encompassing truth. Regardless, I've compiled a list of all the most prominent shape classifications above, and provided tips and tricks that may be helpful to keep in mind while shopping. Click through to shop some of the season's most on-trend looks for your shape!

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