15 Foolproof Outfit Ideas For Every Jacket In Your Closet

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Since the hardest part of putting together a spring outfit is picking the right jacket, I've made a handy guide to help. Click through for 15 foolproof ideas.

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Hate on winter all you want, but you've go to admit this: there's no outerwear drama. All you need to survive the season, really, is one truly awesome overcoat; obviously it's going to match everything, because everything you're wearing is heavy and thick and covers your whole body. Not at all like right now, when the unpredictable spring weather calls for lighter clothing with an extra layer on top. Picking out a jacket is no longer just about the warmth factor—you've got to find something that works with the proportions of your look.

Fortunately, I've already done the hard work for you. Based on many, many, many frantic mornings standing in front of the mirror slipping in and out of blazers, trenches and bombers, I've compiled a list of 15 foolproof outerwear-to-outfit combinations that always seem to work. Click through the slideshow above to make getting out the door in the morning a little bit easier.

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