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Since the hardest part of putting together a spring outfit is picking the right jacket, I've made a handy guide to help. Click through for 15 foolproof ideas.
The Outerwear: Boxy Hip-Length Jackets
Pairing #1: Maxis Dresses and Skirts
Because the silhouette is so up-and-down, a short, structured jacket defines your natural waistline. Anything longer overwhelms the whole look.
The Outerwear: Boxy Hip-Length Jackets
Pairing #2: A Full Midi Skirt
This piece is all about enhancing the smallest part of your middle, so don't cover it up with a baggy jacket! You can, however wear something slightly longer if it's belted.
The Outerwear: Boxy Hip-Length Jackets
Pairing #3: Slim-Fit Jeans and a Long Shirt
Just make sure your top isn't too fitted—it should effortlessly drape a few inches beneath the top layer, not awkwardly scrunch up. Tucking, as well, in an option, but only if your jacket skims right below the waist line of your pants.
The Outerwear: Trench Coats
Pairing #1: Midi Skirt and Dresses
So long as it peeks out between one and six inches, a trench shows off your bottom layer without overwhelming the look. You can sometimes get away with doing a shorter hemline, too, but only if you leave your coat open the entire time—when none of the actual outfit shows, it looks like you're on a booty call.
The Outerwear: Long Trench Coats
Pairing #2: Any Pants
The main thing to avoid with full length trenches in looking naked underneath, so something that covers your legs is a safe bet.
The Outerwear: Long Trench Coats
Pairing #3: Pencil Skirts
Like I mentioned two slides ago, the key here is having bit of your skirt stick out from under the coat. If it's too short for that, leave it open and tie the belt in the back.
The Outerwear: Slouchy Bombers
Pairing #1: Fitted Sheath Dresses
This is a great way to squeeze some extra use out of a favorite going out dress: an oversize jacket and flat shoes (I recommend black booties) will dress it right down.
The Outerwear: Slouchy Bombers
Pairing #2: Itsy Bitsy Crop Tops
When your shirt is essentially glorified lingerie, you need something baggy and a little masculine to balance it out. Google "Rihanna in a bomber" for inspiration—she always gets this look right.
The Outerwear: Slouchy Bombers
Pairing #3: High-Waisted Pants
Having the edge of your jacket, shirt and waistband hit the exact same place makes waistlines look thicker than they are. Mixing high-rise pants and a longer jacket slim things out.
The Outerwear: Moto Jackets
Pairing #1: Skater Skirts
All those sharp angles really play up a flared skirt's soft, flouncy cut.
The Outerwear: Moto Jackets
Pairing #2: Cropped Boyfriend Jeans
On days when you want to dress up relaxed denim and T-shirts, consider this your go-to.
The Outerwear: Moto Jackets
Pairing #3: Gaucho Pants and Chunky Heels
If you've been scared of the culotte trend since reared it's questionable head last February, here's how to get it right: add a strong, structured biker jacket and substantial heels to anchor all that voluminous fabric.
The Outerwear: Anoraks
Pairing: Fancy Track Pants
Since anoraks are inherently sporty, athletic-inspired trousers make a perfect match.
The Outerwear: Anoraks
Pairing #2: Denim Tuxedos
Such an effortless and relaxed ensemble goes well with equally nonchalant outerwear.
The Outerwear: Anoraks
Pairing #3: Girly Dresses
As pretty much every outfit Alexa Chung wears proves, a lacy little dress/ultility style anorak combo always works.