Your One-Stop Shopping Guide To Summer's Best Denim Jackets

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Whatever type of jean jacket you're trying to hunt down, you'll find in the gallery ahead. Click through to expand your denim outerwear collection.

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No doubt about it, you can easily get by on just one standard—no bells, no whistles, no nothing but blue wash and brass buttons—jean jacket for the next three months. It's just heavy enough to keep you warm on chillier summer mornings and evenings, but not so much you'll overheat; the casual cut and color nicely balances out dressier outfits, yet works with laid-back ones as well. So that's what you need. Now let's talk about what you want.

How about denim outerwear with a little something special going on, like cheerful floral print or slightly oversized fit? Or an extra-shrunken style that hits just the right spot on a high-waisted skirt? You'll find these three styles and more (along with several classic options as well, obviously, because you should always, always, always invest in one of those first) in the my compete guide to jean jacket shopping in the slideshow above. Click through to stock up for the season.

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