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The Denim Jacket: Classic Boxy and Blue

Works Best With: No one thing, really. There's probably not much in your closet this bad boy doesn't match, so if you don't own any yet stop reading this and order one now.

Outfits to Avoid: Perhaps the only way this style can go awry is if you mix it with jeans in exactly the same wash. Denim-on-denim looks best when you've got some variety.

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The Denim Jacket: All White
Works Best With: If it's a classic shape—like this J.Crew one to the left—then something more feminine, like a sundresses or skirt, is a good way to go. Less traditional styles, however, should be used a way to dress up a T-shirt and pair of jeans.
Outfits to Avoid: Never pair a simple square-ish cut against a pair of dark- or stonewash jeans! Even if you're blessed with the genetics of Miranda Kerr and Kate Moss combined, it'll look like a poorly executed '80s throwback.

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The Denim Jacket: Oversize

Works best With: To really play up the proportions of your look, throw this one over high-waisted pants and skirts. Crops tops, too, go especially well with a longer, looser shape; the slouchy fit balances the whole look out (and—bonus!—makes wearing what feels like a glorified bra seem far less intimidating!).

Outfits to Avoid: Baggy or trapeze shape dresses. You'll completely lose you shape, and look much heavier than you actually are.

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The Denim Jacket: Cropped

Works Best With: Either a high-waisted bottom that hits right where the jacket ends, or a longer top that billows out beneath.

Outfits to Avoid: Because no one wants to look like they are top heavy with short leg, never, ever put this cut with low slung jeans and a fitted camisole.

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The Denim Jacket: Moto Cut

Works Best With: Play up all those sharp angles and squared-off edges by doing this with a feminine fit-and-flare skirt. (But on lazier days, of course, it works just fine with slim trousers and a T-shirt as well.)

Outfits To Avoid: This style is too much of a statement piece to work with a busy embellished top. A brightly colored shirt might work, though, if it's solid and a simple cut.

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The Denim Jacket: Printed

Works Best With: Much like with the moto-cut jackets you just clicked through, a simpler top is the right way to go here. But bottom-wise, you've got some freedom to experiment. Unless the style has is an exaggerated shrunken or oversize fit, nearly any dress, skirt or pair of pants is possible.

Outfits To Avoid: A similar, but not quite the same, motif. Should you want to mix in one more pattern, pick one on the other side of the size spectrum: large prints go best with smaller ones, and vice versa.

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