Tackling The Wide-Leg Trouser: Our Contributing Editor Tamu McPherson's Best Styling Tips

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Now that you know the right way to wear wide-leg trousers, it's time to find the right pair. Click through for five styles Tamu's obsessed with right now.

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It's been trickier than usual to navigate new trends this season, no? Along with introducing the questionable gaucho pants and ugly shoes, the fashion world has asked us to give the asylum-friendly combo of sandals/socks a try, pull off '90s-inspired overalls in a modern way and make our peace with mom jeans. But it's actually a slightly less shocking look that I've found the hardest to get right: long, flowing, voluminous trousers. Like, how do those even work if you don't have mile-long Karlie Kloss legs?

"Wide-leg, really voluminous pants will make you look really tall if you put on a pair of platforms" our (taller than me, but much shorter than Karlie—so there's hope!) contributing editor Tamu Mcpherson insisted when I asked after spotting her in a pair on Instagram. "I have a pair of classic Miu Miu ones with a stacked heel, and I've tailored some of my pants to those shoes. It kind of contains the volume when you've got that height. So that's the trick: a very high heel, and I think a stacked heel, rather than a stiletto, is better. Not only will you seem really tall, but leaner—you really look like you have legs for days!"

However, if you'd like to wear yours with flats, there's a way to make that work, too: "You must go to a tailor because they know how the pant is supposed to drop. If the tailor's really good he'll know how to do it. Remember, these are menswear-inspired pants; that wide pant leg is a retro look inspired by the '20s zoot suit, and they were wearing them with flats [back then]. So you just tailor them to fall to the floor!" Just don't tailor them to fall too close to the floor, though! "It should hit the very bottom of the shoe—not the ground! Although the pants are really on the ground in a lot of editorial styling, I don't think that's really practical [in real life.] Your pants will get ruined!"

To kick-start your (and my!) journey into the realm of wide trousers, Tamu's suggested five perfect pairs guranteed to make everyone look longer, leaner—and yes, a little more like Miss Kloss. Click through to shop her picks now.

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Lucky contributing editor Tamu McPherson jets around the Chanel Fall/Winter 2014 show set in a pair of wide-leg trousers.
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